Farm systems analysis training

Advanced Farm Planning

Custom Management Plans and Solutions to Your Farming Challenges

Optimise your business using our online decision tool (Farm Optimiser) or get in touch and let one of our experienced team members do it for you.

  • How can I best manage seasonal variation?
  • How long should I defer pastures / confinement feed?
  • How should I react to price changes?
  • How much land should I allocate to pasture and crop?
  • What is the effect of cropping 10% more?
  • What rotations should I use on various paddocks?
  • What grazing plan should I implement?
  • What stocking rate should I run? And how can I manage it in the poor years?
  • What flock structure should I run?
  • When should I lamb?
  • When should I sell?
  • What management tactics should I implement as the season unfolds?
  • What technical aspects should I focus on improving to best increase my farm profit?
  • How much more profitable is it if I increase lambing percentage by 5%?
  • What is the value of increasing twin lamb survival?
  • How much yield can I lose, for grazing my crops to still be profitable?
  • How much does profit change when I …?
  • How much does output need to change to make … profitable?
  • What is the optimal way to manage …?

The Farm Optimiser is an industry leading web-based decision tool that leverages your on-farm data, cutting-edge research and a powerful optimisation algorithm to deliver economically informed solutions to your questions.

Underpinned by decades of scientific work Farm Optimiser encompasses biological and economic relationships for the entire farm system. Including components of soils, rotations, crops, pastures and novel feeds, livestock, stubble, supplementary feeding, machinery, labour and finance. Farm Optimiser has been widely applied and validated in the research sector including work such as Young et al., 2022 and Young et al., 2023. 

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